The Wit and Grit of Michael Cody

Like the steep and winding roads through his childhood home place of Walnut, NC, Michael Cody’s career path has followed a rambling, roundabout route. From a child of the hills, to a brush with songwriting fame in Music City USA that produced a Glen Campbell cover, Cody, now an English professor at ETSU, will be coming home to Jewell Hill with stories to tell and songs to sing.

Cody’s new book, Gabriel’s Songbook, is a living portrait of the artist as a wayward musician, the story of a musician whose talent carries him from the hills of Appalachia to the grime and glamor of Nashville and back home again. Gritty and lyrical, rock ’n’ roll and old-time country, it transports the reader deep into that age-old dream of making the big time, and shows us the beauty and pathos that lurks underneath.

On December 10th Cody will be reading excerpts from the book, interspersed with musical accompaniment. The event will take place at the historic Methodist Church at Jewell Hill to celebrate this remarkable community hub, which now houses the charitable group, Madison Has Heart. Coincidentally, this special house of worship was the site of Michael Cody’s wedding to his childhood sweetheart many years ago.

At this event, history will be made, relived and retold. Join the community in celebrating Michael Cody’s homecoming.

The event is free and refreshments will be served.


What:  Michael Cody reading and musical performance

Where: Historic Methodist Church at Jewell Hill, 15 Barnard Rd., Marshall, NC

When: Sunday, December 10th, 3 p.m.

Admission: Free

Contact: Pat Franklin

(828) 206-2332

Directions to Jewell Hill

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MADISON HAS HEArT appreciates you!

Our HEArTs go out to everyone in the community who participated in the 2017 Fanciful Flea!

From the donors, the shoppers, the bakers, the volunteers, we couldn’t have done it without you! Nearly $10,000 was raised for crisis heating assistance, thanks to all of you.

Please like our Facebook page to stay informed about our next big event and share our good news with friends.

MADISON HAS HEArT appreciates you!

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One More Chance!

Pat Franklin will be back on the Island at Marshall High Studios today, Sunday 2/12 from 1pm – 5pm. Wish you had gotten something yesterday? Didn’t get a chance to come yesterday? Then come on down, or call 828.649.2332 with questions. We still have lots of great stuff left and plenty of homes to heat, so let’s make a deal!

Directions to Marshall High Studios



It’s Flea time! Join us today at the 2017 Fanciful Flea!

We are fluffed and tagged and ready to open! We hope you will open your hearts and your wallets and come down to the island in Marshall today to help us raise some funds to heat Madison County homes! We will be open from 10am – 4 pm for treasures, music and food. The Carpenter Ants will travel from West Virginia to make shopping an experience to remember. Also, rumor has it our own piano great, Steve Davidowski and the songbird of the hills, Ashley Heath will join the Ants. Laura Boosinger will be our Master of Ceremonies and may even bless us with a love song.We have some pretty amazing pieces this year that we are anxious to share. Hope y’all come

Directions to Marshall High Studios

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Treasures moving to the Island

Thank you to all the amazing volunteers and borrowed trucks, trailers and cars. Sheriff Harwood & crew…you have heart….thank you for making this move a success. The Marshall House blessed us with a trailer load of a kind items. Thank you to everyone that brought books, music, gardening tools, dishes, crystal, antiques and tobacco baskets. We are blessed!

We hope to see you this Saturday, February 11 at Marshall High Studios on the Island in Marshall from 10-4. Help us heat some homes!

Directions to Marshall High Studios

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The treasures just keep coming!

The treasures just keep coming! Did we mention we have a bicycle built for two and an antique sewing machine? Don’t forget to drop by on Saturday, February 11 from 10-4 at Marshall High Studios on the Island in Marshall. Help us heat some homes

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Marshall High Studios
115 Blannahasset Island, Marshall, NC 28753

Where to drop off treasures

Drop off your treasures and help us heat some homes! We are at the Jewell Hill Church today, Saturday – Jan 21, collecting donations and will be there until 5 oclock this afternoon. Monday – Jan. 23 we will be in Marshall at the Freewill Church at the end of town from 12 until 5 oclock. Then back to Jewell Hill Church on Wednesday and Saturday. Call if you need someone to pick up and deliver….828.206. 2332




Check out some of the amazing treasures we have so far…

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