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Our MISSION is simple… keeping our neighbors warm. Making sure heating assistance is provided to those in need.

MADISON HAS HEArT was born from a simple news item that became an idea that became a movement. Then it took on a life of its own. The news item touched us all and threw many into action.  The article reported that on October 22, 2013  the first month of oil assistance would be dispersed. People lined up starting at 4:00 p.m and many spent the night. The doors opened at 8:30 am the following morning. Within 4 hours all funds of $85,000 were gone leaving  36% of those applying in line. They were turned away.

It was all terribly upsetting as we were due a harsh winter. As you can imagine a fund raising effort was in order. In 6 weeks time we collected enough fancy stuff to cram into the studios at Marshall High Studios and presented our first Fanciful Flea. In one days time we raised $20,000. Once again 2014 presented another harsh winter and the need was still there. We repeated our Fanciful Flea and raised another $20,000, received another  $30,000 from a single donor and then the gift of all gifts. Thanks to the generosity of the Reverend and Mrs. Lintonwe were given the little Methodist Church on Jewell Hill. No longer housing worshipers but now housing MADISON HAS HEArT.

Madison may have its share of the economically challenged  but that does not define us. We are first and foremost mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, wives, civil servants, artisans, farmers, entrepreneurs, musicians and retirees to name a few.We are rich by other means and we are in this together. We are neighbors helping neighbors and we plan on keeping our neighbors warm.

Join us heating Hearts & Homes