DSC_6076   Tom

Tom Turner ‘s work is known for its elegance and a sense of refinement that comes only with years of working with clay. His extensive career and personal retrospective of pots was recently celebrated at the Bascom Center for Visual Arts .

Alex and John

photo 2 photo 1

Alex Matisse and John Vigeland EAST FORK POTTERY

ikatcha garthalogo

Bracelet by Martha Abraham and Gary Rawlins

photo 5

Weaverville Artis, Joel Cole

photo 4

Noted Potter, Rob Pulleyn

photo 2

Wood Block print Nancy Darrell

photo 2 David H

David Holt, noted musician/storyteller and artist. Don’t miss David’s new David Holt’s State of Music on PBS.

Mary Maupin landscape Mary

Mary Maupin, noted Madison County artist is known for her dramatic use of color as you can see. Mary’s new painting, in work now  is a special gift to MADISON HAS HEArT.


Manufacturer:   International Silver
Pattern:  Daffodil
1950’s – No monograms
10 place setting with serving pieces…Ebay value $600