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ONCE AGAIN IT IS TIME TO PURGE….give that good stuff to us, tax deductible

  •          *  Clothes welcome (please no dirty or worn items).
  •          *  Accessories (scarves, handbags, etc.)
  •          *  Home Furnishings (lamps are good!)
  •          *  Furniture. Specifically need beds and dining tables.
  •          *  Antiques (old stuff  that others will treasure)
  •          *  Bric a brac (stuff cluttering up your mantels, shelves and tables)
  •          *  Kitchen items (appliances must work)
  •          *  China Glass no chips or cracks
  •          *  Arts & Crafts
  •          *  Jewelry
  •          *  Books

Click Here for Drop Off Locations 2016

Once received all donations are the property of Madison Has Heart. Those not sold on the day of this event will either be donated, sold in bulk or stored for future events.