Our “stuff” wish list includes (but is not limited to):

• Antique furniture
• Vintage housewares
• Precious jewels
• Collectible art and crafts
• Rustic farm implements such a mule/horse yokes, tools, equipment
• Mid-century modern home accessories
• Hand-made ‘farm art’ (quilts, baskets)
• Historic framed photographs
• Hand-made lace accessories
• Yard art and gardening paraphernalia
• First edition books and rare records
• One-of-a-kind memorabilia

[Note: we cannot accept used electronics, appliances or clothing]
Contact Liz Gullum with questions or to arrange a pick-up:
(847) 542-1762 or lizgullum@yahoo.com


Note: Once received, all donations are the property of Madison Has Heart. Those not sold on the day of this event will either be donated, sold in bulk or stored for future events.